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Melissa R. Schneider, MD

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If you’re eager to halt the signs of aging, but don’t want an invasive experience, treatment with the Clear and BrilliantⓇ laser is a perfect solution for you. In Boston, Massachusetts, Melissa Schneider, MD, PC gently waves away your fine lines and wrinkles with the innovative Clear and Brilliant protocol. Call the practice to schedule your meeting with Dr. Schneider, or book your consultation online.

Clear and Brilliant Q & A

What is the Clear and Brilliant laser system?

Like many of the most effective noninvasive procedures, the Clear and Brilliant protocol uses fractional laser energy to stave off the signs of aging that are beginning to show up on your skin. The laser system offers a number of attractive benefits, such as:

  • Improving tone
  • Evening out texture
  • Sloughing off dull skin
  • Improving elasticity
  • Refining pores
  • Brightening skin
  • Generating new skin

Clear and Brilliant works well for all skin types, colors, and ages and delivers consistently great results.

What can I expect during my Clear and Brilliant treatment?

In addition to the excellent results, another great feature of Clear and Brilliant is that it’s gentle and well-tolerated by almost everyone. Dr. Schneider gives your skin a deep cleanse and applies a topical numbing cream to keep you comfortable during the simple 30-minute procedure.

While the laser rolls over your skin and hones in on your problem areas, you’ll likely feel a warming sensation and possibly some tingling. About halfway through the session, she’ll place a gel mask over your face to cool your skin. Most men and women say their session is relaxing.

Is there any downtime associated with Clear and Brilliant?

You won’t need to miss work, school, or your normal activities, but keep in mind that you may be puffy and red for a couple days. Don’t worry, though. Those swelling and redness dissipate quickly and are replaced with a noticeably smoother, more balanced complexion.

How many Clear and Brilliant treatments are required to get results?

Dr. Schneider meets with you to understand the complexities of your skin before she designs a treatment plan to meet your needs. In general, most of her patients only need three to five sessions to get optimal results. At your consultation, she’ll outline the plan for you, so you know exactly what to expect.

If you’re ready to take measures to prevent the visible signs of aging, put your trust in Melissa Schneider, MD, PC for exceptional aesthetic care. Call the practice to set up your skincare consultation, or click for an appointment.