Tighten Loose Skin with Surgery-Free Thermage®

Dr. Melissa Schneider, Tighten Loose Skin, Surgery-Free Thermage

Getting older is not as bad as it was before. There are numerous non-surgical procedures and injections that can help you look younger and better than ever without going under the knife. One of the best non-surgical procedures to tighten your skin and smooth wrinkles is Thermage®. Thermage can give your face and skin a lift without surgery, downtime, or emptying your bank account.

With Thermage, you can look as young as you feel without the price tag or recovery time of a facelift. But Thermage isn’t only for older people. Younger women, or any women, with saggy, loose skin due to weight loss can also benefit from thermage treatments.  

What is Thermage?

Thermage uses radiofrequency therapy to heat the tissues under your skin. This heat energy stimulates collagen production. Collagen is a protein that helps your skin look supple and firm. It helps maintain skin structure, giving skin a youthful, elastic look and property. Because our skin produces less collagen as we get older, it often sags and droops as we age.

Boosting collagen production with Thermage helps tighten and firm skin over time. Thermage can be used on any loose skin but is most often used on:

In addition to boosting collagen, Thermage treatments help eliminate old collagen, increase elastin development, and minimize fat cells. The overall result is firm, supple, smooth, and youthful-looking skin. The good news is that your results continue to improve over time.

Subtle but beautiful: Thermage results

Some people notice subtle improvements immediately. For most people, it takes about six months to see the full effects of the treatment. While results are not as dramatic as a surgical facelift, the price tag is not as dramatic either. Plus, you can return to normal activities immediately after the procedure. There is no downtime.

Some people need only one treatment, which can last about one to two years. Others may require additional treatments. It’s always a good idea to have an annual maintenance treatment.

Does Thermage hurt?

The Thermage treatment involves a handheld wand and cooling spray for before, during, and after the treatment to make you feel as comfortable as possible. You will feel heat, and maybe some vibrations, but you should not feel pain. The procedure lasts about 30-90 minutes, depending on the area being treated. You can treat more than one area.

Side effects are minimal. Some people experience redness and swelling, but those side effects usually go away within a day.

During a consultation, Dr. Melissa Schneider will discuss your goals and recommend the best treatment plan to help you achieve the results you desire. Dr. Schneider can determine if you’re a good candidate for Thermage based on your medical history, if you’re pregnant, and the skincare products you use.


For more information on how Thermage can help you tighten loose skin and look your best, call the office of Dr. Schneider in Boston, Massachusetts, or make an appointment online.

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