The Many Benefits of a PRP Facial

Normally, vampires don’t make the news unless it’s Halloween. But thanks to PRP facials, it’s pretty common to hear the word “vampire” all year round. That’s because PRP facials — or “vampire” facials as they’re known in some circles — have become especially popular among celebrities. And that means you’ll see lots of photos on Twitter or Instagram of people getting the facials, along with lots of before-and-after photos, too.

PRP facials earned their nickname because they use some of your own blood to help combat the signs of aging that show up on your face (typically one of the first places for aging to make itself known). But while a lot of people focus on the compelling nickname, far fewer people understand how these treatments actually work. So here’s the scoop.

What is a PRP facial, anyway?

PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma. Plasma is the liquid part of your blood, and platelets are protein components which contain growth factors that aid in healing. Your blood contains a certain number of platelets all the time, so your body is always ready to heal injuries like cuts and abrasions. Platelet-rich plasma contains much higher concentrations of platelets — about five to ten times higher than normal levels. All those extra platelets help stimulate your body’s natural healing processes, helping your skin replace age- and sun-damaged tissue with new, healthy tissue. 

As popular as PRP is in cosmetic treatments, it’s used in other areas of medicine too, like treating orthopedic injuries, treating arthritis and pain, and correcting hair loss. Lots of studies have shown PRP to be effective in regenerating damaged tissues, and today, more and more specialty areas of medicine are exploring its benefits.

That’s a basic overview of PRP facials. Now, on to the benefits!

1. PRP facials improve collagen production

In addition to spurring natural healing responses in your skin, PRP injections also promote the development of another component of skin tissue called collagen. Collagen is what gives skin its firmness and resilience, or “bounce.” Aging and sun exposure reduce the amount of collagen our skin produces, which means our skin is more prone to wrinkles and laxity. By stimulating the development of collagen, skin starts to feel and look firmer and smoother — more youthful.

2. They treat lots of issues

PRP facials help revitalize skin, and the growth factors in PRP can help:

Plus, it improves overall skin texture and tone.

3. Results are long-lasting

You’ll probably notice some benefits right after your treatment. But because PRP facials rely on the body’s own healing processes, including the production of new collagen, you can continue to see improvements for weeks after your treatment. And once those results are visible, they can last for a long time. In fact, a series of just three treatments can yield results that can last for over a year.

4. PRP is natural — and safe

Since PRP is derived from your own blood (we take a blood sample and make the PRP product right in our office), it’s completely natural — no synthetics are involved. And since it comes from your own body, you don’t have to worry about allergic reactions or rejection that can occur with synthetic products or even natural products derived from other sources. In fact, PRP facials can be a great choice for just about anyone — including those with acne and rosacea.

5. Treatment is fast

PRP facials are performed right in our office, and the facial itself takes less than an hour.

6. Treatments can be repeated

Since PRP is natural, there's no danger in having future treatments, and in fact, most patients see optimal benefits after an initial series of three treatments. After that, your results can be maintained with regular "touch-up" treatments to keep you looking and feeling your best.

Find out more about "vampire" facials

As a top-ranked healthcare provider in Boston, Melissa Schneider MD PC offers PRP facials and other state-of-the-art treatment options to help patients look and feel their best. To learn more about the PRP facial process and how PRP can help your skin repair and rejuvenate itself, book an appointment online today.

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